As the IT services provider for the Fresenius Group, we consciously focus on healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our patients’ well-being is our main priority. Our reliable IT services allow us to make a significant contribution through optimal support, innovative IT projects and efficient processes.

We carry responsibility in a very sensitive environment that is relied upon for the life and health of many people. We have the right expertise to unite high quality standards in a regulated environment with economic, IT-supported processes. And we always keep the sensitive nature of the data we process as well as its need for protection in mind. This is how we develop efficient processes and create space for what’s important.

We also see responsibility as a duty to our employees. We appreciate and support their expertise and personal qualifications. We entrust them with a high level of responsibility to provide them with professional opportunities that offer various career possibilities.

Our global presence allows us to support the Fresenius Group as it captures regional markets around the world.